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Sexy Survey (From blackvelvette)

- What do you think about sex on prom night? I think that it happens too much to people who aren't ready.
- What do you think about sex before you're married? I think its wrong.
- Have you ever seriously considered sex in the present? In the present as in right now? Um, no right now I am not considering sex. The only time I ever consider it is when I'm in the heat of the moment and then I remember how much it would screw up my life (or make it simpler depending on how you look at it)
- What was the result of that notion? Um, well, right now I'm looking for porn, WTF?
- Is oral sex, sex? Yes and no. In the respect that sex is something very intimate that causes two people to be completely vulnerable and usually connects them to each other for some aspect of time, yes. In the technical respect, no.
- What's a really big turn on? Kissing my neck
- Do you like holding hands? Usually, when I realize that's what you're doing
- What's the best kind of hug? The ones that last for a reeeaaaly long time after you haven't seen eachother for a while (I have to agree with Angie on that one)
- How do you like being held by a guy/girl? Around my waist especially, but just being held at all is nice.
- Is it more romantic to be touched on your shoulders or back? Neither is really special for me; maybe just lightly running a hand up and down my shoulders and arm
- Hips or butt? Hips definitely
- Do you like having your hair played with? let's ask Bud that one...
- Where do you put your hands when kissing someone? Everywhere
- Where do you like them to put theirs when kissing? the back of my head, like in all those movies and books
- How many people have you kissed? Technically, five.
- When kissing, who makes the first move - you or the other person? Well, let's order, both, him, both, me, him. I think.
- Slow or fast kisses? Slow and soft, working up to a little more aggressive. I'm an aggressive kisser when I'm horny, I admit it.
- Light or deep kisses? Like I said start with one work into the other.
- Do you like French kissing? It's my favorite thing to do as of now.
- What does your boyfriend/girlfriend taste like if you have one? Everyone I've dated has for the most part had their own taste...
- Do you worry about your breath/how you taste? In the morning I do or when I just wake up after a nap.
- Other than lips, where else do you like kissing? neck and ears
- What about other places on YOU that you like having kissed? neck and ears
- What's the most romantic spot on your body to be kissed? I like Angie's answer of the forehead...although that's also just a really nice "I love you as a friend" place to be kissed.
- Kinkiest? top inner thigh
- Weirdest? under your arms...ick
- Sweetest? Forehead again
- Ever share something (gum, mint, etc.) while kissing? yeah
- What about kissing really turns you on? I don't know...I just love to do it.
- Ever had a hickey? Yes.
- Given one? Hmmm...lots of little ones and a few really bad "who beat you up" ones
- Like it? Oh yeah
- Where at on your body? Neck and shoulder area
- What about the other person's body? Neck shoulder chest area
- What's the most hickeys you've had at once? Three or four (don't tell my mom)
- How about the biggest? about the size of a silver dollar
- Weirdest spot you've had one at? I think I had one on my ankle once
- Best position for making out? Doesn't matter.
- Is your belly sensitive? Very much
- Funkiest place you've ever applied your lips/tongue to? Define funky
- Any "out there" kinda fetishes? Suspenders are my weirdest...and I LOVE an accent.
- How loud can you make someone moan? I'm not sure
- How do you like being touched best? I don't know
- What's better - tongue or lips? To that I say "How big can a tongue really get?"
- Are you a virgin? Yes
- if yes, why? Cause I'm waiting for marriage.
- If no, why?
- When did you lose it? I think this is a biased question that assumes I have already lost it.
- Do you regret it? I won't.
- Are you still with the person you lost it to? I will be.
- Was your first time special, so-so, or did it truly bite the big one? These are biased. They should all start with "if yes,"
- Did it hurt? Probably.
- What's your favorite position? After I try them all I'll let you know. And I mean them ALL.

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