Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Ranting Again

Last entry for today...

So boys and girls...take out your credit card. If you don't have one borrow your parents, they'll love that. Look at the back. See the little part that says "Not valid unless signed"? You know what that means, right? That means that if you don't sign your card with something on the back, I don't have to accept it. I can refuse to take your snotty ass prissy bitch credit card. Now I know that a lot of people don't want to sign their cards so that people can't use them or whatever. They want cashiers to ask for ID when they use the card. I understand that. I feel the same way. What should you do, then, if you would like that? How about write ASK FOR ID or CID or SEE ID or PLEASE BE A NICE PERSON AND ASK FOR MY IDENTIFICATION SO YOU KNOW I'M USING THE CARD AND NOT SOME DICK WHO STOLE MY PURSE on the back. It's not too difficult. And then the card becomes VALID. I mentioned this to a customer at work today. She said she wouldn't sign her card if I payed her. She said it makes you look at it. NO IT DOESN'T! There are people who don't ask for ID no matter what, they just don't care. I told her I always look, and I ask if I can't read the signature or if it says to. She said, "Well, it made you look harder." NO IT DIDN'T! GET OFF MY PLANET! I really wanted to be a bitch and tell her, "I'm sorry, I can't accept this card. It's not valid unless it's signed."

I HATE snooty people.

That's all for tonight kids. Thanks for listening.

(Late Addition: You know, Snooty, if you lost your purse someone could pick up your card and sign your name and use it as much as they wanted cause you left it BLANK)

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