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Fine. So I'm changing my beach party a second and final time. It will be on Thursday the 15th of August in the year of our Lord 2002 at Bishop Lake in Brighton. I have been told that more people will be more likely to get this day off of work if I do this (Melissa, Lauren, et al.) So I hope that this means everyone can still come and if I have to change it again I'm postponing it until next summer.

And in other news...
"Well, you would be too if you got Joan and Allen boots for 50% off...Check it out....They're my new "I don't need Barry I don't need my parents I've got cute boots" boots."

And I'm wearing my cute new boots out dancing tonight with the cute new skirt I bought today as well. So if I can't afford school by 27 dollars you think I could take up a collection over the internet?
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