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So time to actually update...

I had such a great time last night. Thanks for inviting me, Bud, and I'm glad I could finally make it. Clutch is pretty cool...and I think my favorite floor is the basement...although I've never really been into techno, it's really entrancing, no matter how fast a beat the song has.

By the way, if anyone has a way to describe techno to my father, I would appreciate it. I'm not quite sure how to do it.

Anyway, I hope some people can come to my beach party. If you are coming, would you let me know so I have some clue? I hate being clueless. And I won't be at LNO this week, I'm going to see one of the most adorable little kids in the whole wide world who will probably let me hold him the entire time I'm there while his "big" brother gets all proective and worried that I'm going to steal him (with good reason).

Anyway, I'm going to read some more of Good Omens again, until I leave here. I think that's my favorite Gaiman book. By favorite one by just Gaiman is Neverwhere, I think, but by Gaiman period is Good Omens. That was random.

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