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Some random stuff

Lance Bass is supposed to go into space now. He's paying the Russians $20 million to go up, but he missed his first payment, so they're pushing back his departure date. I say, I'll pay for him to go up, and he can take the rest of the band with him. This opens up a whole new area of space travel. We'll just take all the people we don't like and send them up. Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears...all the artists who don't write their own songs or play their own intruments.

Denis Leary was on Leno the other night. He was funny and enjoyable to watch. I had no idea that he was involved with so many charitites and stuff. That's really cool.

School is almost here and I can't wait. The only part I'm dreading is the portfolio I have to have done by October. The one I was supposed to do over this summer. And the fact that I really need to do some serious packing. That's okay, all that really entails is throwing everything I own into boxes and putting them in the van. Although I'm trying to take less this year than last year. Especially since I have to take down a fridge and two tv's. One for the cluster, one for the room. Anyway, that paragraph is really meaningless to anyone but me...but that's ok.

Steve, I'm sorry we missed you. I was totally not together that day. I'm glad at least it wasn't an hour drive out of the way for you like it is for most of my friends. And maybe I'll see you up at Central this year (I now know four people up there, including my sister, so I might make it up to visit this year.)

Alright, that's that for tonight. Hope everyone is having fun and not sick. I know I wish I was at 100%.

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