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That was so very incredible...

We have this spider in our backyard. I think it's an orb weaver or garden spider. If you wanna know what that is, find out. Anyway, every night it makes this elaborate, 2 and a half foot large web, and every morning it's gone. It's always in the same spot, in the corner of the patio. Well, tonight, I got to see him make his web. I guess he makes two or three a night. Anyway, after Troy left, I went to the backyard and I caught him just as he was adding the smaller strands all around. It was just so incredible to watch. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. And no one in my family has a camera to even take a picture of this spider. One day it'll just be gone.

In other news, however, I went to Clutch again tonight. I swear, I never used to like techno music. But for some reason when it's played really loud with multicolored lighting added for effect, I really enjoy it. It's just so mellow. Which is kinda weird cause it's also so intense and energetic. But anyway, I think Troy had fun. (The word "sure" should be deleted from our language.)

Sigh. Four more days and I'm out of here. No more listening to dad compare cd's to albums and then get frustrated cause I don't look like I'm listening. Yea!

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