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LOL...tee hee hee...I love when he's in a good mood, we have fun conversations...

EightbalBeef: i can't let my mom know i'm comin out to yer house whenever i go cuz, nothin against you, but she hates it when i go out there
moredetails15: i see
moredetails15: ok
moredetails15: and I understand about the detroit thing :-P
EightbalBeef: lol, right, but i have no real problem with it b/c there aren't any parts you come to a long stop
moredetails15: it's NOT THAT BAD PEOPLE! lol
EightbalBeef: i'm not freaked out
EightbalBeef: i just don't wanna sit in a stopped car
moredetails15: you silly suburbanites
EightbalBeef: grr
moredetails15: what O:-)?
EightbalBeef: yeah yeah...
moredetails15: you act so tough, but when it comes to the real nitty gritty like driving in detroit, you get all wimpy ;-)
EightbalBeef: I AIN'T WIMPY!!!
moredetails15: wimp
EightbalBeef: grrrrrr
moredetails15: O:-) what? I didn't do it. Somebodys calling you names or something. You gonna build a fire or what, what's going on?
EightbalBeef: eh...pacha?
moredetails15: you're good, I love that movie!!!
EightbalBeef: it was kinda obvious
EightbalBeef: but thanx
moredetails15: not if you dont' know the movie
EightbalBeef: true
moredetails15: which means you know the movie, and i LOVE that movie...NO TOUCHIE
EightbalBeef: but you should know by now that i'm exellent
moredetails15: yes, I should
moredetails15: so you gonna come visit me at CURF?
moredetails15: that would rock...and maybe we could go to second city (I still haven't made it out there)
EightbalBeef: REALLY?!?! ever?!?!
moredetails15: I have seen them once at State Wayne when they were there
moredetails15: but I haven't been to their "home" locale
EightbalBeef: it ain't the same if it ain't in chitown
EightbalBeef: man o man, you're gonna make me visit you aren't you?
EightbalBeef: it irks me you've never been there
moredetails15: lol
moredetails15: why does it irk you?
moredetails15: I almost never make it into the stupid city
moredetails15: I wish I did more often
EightbalBeef: b/c it's just so damn good, and you're right fuckin there and you haven't seen it
moredetails15: seeing as I live as you say right fuking there
EightbalBeef: chitown is the SHIT!!!!
moredetails15: I KNOW
EightbalBeef: tru dat yo
moredetails15: why do you think I picked RF over AA?
EightbalBeef: hey!! AA is also the shit
EightbalBeef: just a smaller portion of the shit
moredetails15: although, I really haven't been in AA either
EightbalBeef: hey
moredetails15: I should come visit you dude
EightbalBeef: you haven't been to downtown ann arbor??
EightbalBeef: ever?
moredetails15: nope
EightbalBeef: OH MY GOSH!!!!
EightbalBeef: *beef has heart attack*
moredetails15: I knew one day you all would realize this
EightbalBeef: ok, we're going, next time you're out here
EightbalBeef: ok, well promise you'll let me take ya first, b/c it irks me when other people than brett or i devirginize people to the awesomeness that is ann arbor
moredetails15: I pormise it will be your or brett and probably you
EightbalBeef: k ;-)
moredetails15: I also promise
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