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The first days of classes are done with...

and what a first two days they were.

First of all, I would just like to say that my first class wasn't until 1130 but I was out of bed by EIGHT O'CLOCK. I'm very proud of myself for this. And I got stuff done. Mostly I read Up The Down Staircase but still, I did something.

Most of you probably don't care so much, but here's what I'm taking and stuff:

Diversity in the American Society I was so going to hate this class, but I somehow managed to get two awesome teachers. Plus, the stuff we're learning is interesting of all things. So I'm actually looking forward to it.

Abstract Algebra and Discrete Math or as Sarah calls them, "Picasso Algebra" and "Sneaky Math," these are my two math classes. They seem alright. Same prof for both, but he's not so bad. Lowest test of three dropped. That's nice.

History of the Christian Biography A class about the different prominent figures in the histroy of Christianity. The prof rubbed Sarah the wrong way on the first day, and I didn't like him so much either. This might be my Pass/DF class this semester.

Faith of the Christian Church LOTS of reading. But I want to learn about this stuff, too, so that might help. And the prof is alright. He's no Eshelbach, but he's cool.

Acting and Directing Studio My last class today and what will be one of my favorites. Similiar to Tech Theater in that it will be A LOT OF WORK but I'm excited about it. Don't know what scenes I want to use, we'll have to see. But I hope this will really help me both as an actor and director (you can all say, well, duh, now).

Most of the classes involve LOTS of reading that really HAS to be done. So Lisa won't be doing too much "fun" stuff this semester. That's where theater comes in. I don't know if I will be in both or even one of the plays, but I'm still hoping. And there are a lot of people to help with props, my sign up sheet has lots of names on it! And that's awesome. First production meeting for BBM is on Saturday. And that's only the beginning...

Plus Fish Out Of Water auditions are tonight! While I don't think I have too much to worry about, wish me luck anyway! Speaking of Fish, I won't be home for Thanksgiving I don't think. There's something planned for that weekend and while it's not mandatory, I think Lori needs the people. Sew....that's about it, I think! Hope this entry hasn't been too long and that you guys actually read it.

Oh, and in about a week I'll post my schedule in case anyone wants to know when I'm likey to be in the room to contact me. Like anyone will call me (708-488-4434) but it's worth a shot. :)

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