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Insomnia two nights in a row...this is not the way to start off the third week of school. But I did manage to get up and go to my 8 o'clock class. Which was good; I found out that we're behind so we adjusted the syllabus and I have more time to catch up. (Hopefully before Christmas vacation, Brett.)

I plotted out my schedule for the week until the play is over. I have no free time. It's a good thing I get paid to do my homework. I wanted to post my schedule on here, but it was too big to just transfer from excel to html to here, so I have to figure out another way to do it. Let me just say that my worst and busiest day has me going from 10:00 in the morning to 9:30 at night with no break whatsoever. And my best day isn't much better. But my Saturdays have no blocks of time whatsoever taken up, so I feel better knowing I can use them howsoever I please.

One more quick note: just because it is very hot (and I love it!) outside does not mean that we should turn the air on as low as it can go so we can make it as cold as winter inside. My cluster is about 60 degrees right now, and my room is about 80. Or, my cluster is a warm winter day and my room is a nice summer one. I can enjoy both just by walking to and from the bathroom! Ahh! This is not the point of air-conditioning, people!!! It's to make the indoor temperature a comfortable, not FREEZING, temp. You know how you wear layers in winter so that you are warm outside but you don't overheat inside? I have to do that now, only in reverse. I dress for my classes in rooms that are between 50 and 60 degreed but have to dress in layers so I can walk around outside in the 85-90 degree heat! Okay, so I said quick. I lied.

I need to buy a new quote notebook; I left my old one at home! So I have no place to write new ones, and I'm acquiring them rather quickly.

"So you send me your love from all around the world
As if I could live on words and dreams and a million screams
oh, how I need a hand in mine to feel."
~Weezer, "Across the Sea"


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