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Not really upset, just something I was thinking about recently...

"What are you doing this weekend?"

"There's some party over at *insert name here*'s house and everyone's going, and I'll be there..."

Oh, that's good. What am I doing? Nothing much. Staying home. I'd watch a movie but Sarah has to do homework, so I can't do that. I guess I'll just read or listen to music in my room. I was kind of hoping maybe I might get invited along, but I understand. It's alright. No big deal.

(shrug)"I never get invited to parties anyway."

"Well, if they don't invite you they're not that great anyway." (Spoken by a teacher, of course)

"That's okay. I'm not a party person anyway."

At least, I don't think I am. I wouldn't really know. Never really been invited to a party. But that's okay. I am really not a social person. If I tell myself over and over again it doesn't matter then I won't let myself feel bad about it, and maybe one day it would be true.

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