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I'm posting a conversation that Lyndsay and I had today online. She's in my theater class. It's hilarious. In my opinion. Just for reference, there is another Lisa in my theater class, her name is Lisa Wahnafreid. She's my partner for the serious scene. Okay, here's the convo:

Lynni05: yo yo yo

Lynni05: sup girlfriend?

moredetails15: what up g?

Lynni05: not much homey

Lynni05: hows da hood

moredetails15: g, it's all good

Lynni05: dats grizate

moredetails15: its da funk

Lynni05: lol

Lynni05: long time no see

moredetails15: you broke character!

Lynni05: :-P

Lynni05: LOL

Lynni05: yeppers

moredetails15: back to the drawing board for you

Lynni05: i ran out of ghetto things to say

Lynni05: lol

moredetails15: I need to pick up the script for mine
and Lisa's scene

moredetails15: wait, I am Lisa

Lynni05: sounds good

moredetails15: no, the other Lisa

Lynni05: LOL

Lynni05: LOL

moredetails15: Oh, ok

moredetails15: sorry, Me got confused and Myself
had to straighten her out

Lynni05: you and Lisa wah. are doing a scene

Lynni05: lol

Lynni05: you're so silly

moredetails15: yeah

moredetails15: and get this

Lynni05: huh?

moredetails15: one of the characters names in the
scene is Lisa

Lynni05: hahahahaha!!!!!

Lynni05: thats great

moredetails15: isn't that the shizat?

Lynni05: so is Lisa going to be Lisa....or is Lisa
going to be Lisa?

moredetails15: Lisa's going to be Lisa

moredetails15: you were right the first time :-)

Lynni05: ohhhh....yeah, that clears everything

moredetails15: Sorry, let me try again

moredetails15: Lisa W. is going to be Lisa

Lynni05: AHAHAAH

Lynni05: oh goodness!!!

moredetails15: Isn't that great?

Lynni05: thats fine....

Lynni05: when are you going to dinnah

moredetails15: at 530

moredetails15: man, that's wack g

Lynni05: k, koo':-)

Lynni05: i know it homey

moredetails15: and I shall accompany your badass
self to dinner tomorrow night as well

Lynni05: lol

Lynni05: yeah you are

Lynni05: you rizeady yet, yo?


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