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"Why are you so far away from me!?!?!?!"

I just found something totally cool, way awesome, outstandingly kick-ass. It combines two things I have recently gotten really into. And the only person that I know would appreciate both aspects combined as much as I do, is not here for me to show it to. AHHHHHHHH Beef why aren't you here? Bud I don't know if you like anime but if you do this would apply to you too. Last night I went on a downloading frenzy, and I got like 10 Weezer music videos. There is one that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen: The music is "Only in Dreams" and the video/image part is scenes from "Cowboy Bebop" edited together to fit with the music. It's really done well; I have no idea if this is something everyone has already seen and already knows about, or if I really did "find" it but I thought it was just so cool and I had to share it.

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