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Three Loves, Three Poems

Truth Hurts

You said, "Forever."
I guess your concept of time
differs from mine.

You said, "Love."
I think there's an understood "unconditional"
in there somewhere.

You said, "Goodbye."
Now I have a word for you.
I say, "Lie."

What We Lost

I'll miss you.
I'll miss your hand in mine.
I'll miss the way we "fit perfectly" when you held me.
I'll miss all the sweet things you always did for me. (I was so lucky.)
I'll miss the way you always made me be honest with you.
I'll miss all your loving words.
I'll miss your love.
I'll miss how perfect the world was when we were together.
I'll miss your kisses (but I still have your hugs).
I'll miss the way you read my eyes like a book.
I'll miss the comfort you gave me, just being there.
I'll miss all these things.
They were so wonderful.
I know they'll make great memories soon.
And it hurts now.
But one day I'll look back on what we had.
How special you were to me.
And I'll smile.

{Yea—I have finally reached that point!}

As You Lay Asleep Beside Me

As you lay asleep beside me
I think of all the power
that together we hold
Love that is never broken
Also never will grow old
And together we will walk
Through life, hand in hand
and at the end of our travels
I know together we will stand
I look at you, my love, and smile
I would die content
if watching you sleep
Is how, my life, I spent
And I sigh, and happy be
As you lay asleep beside me

~Lisa Marie Woodford
Tags: love, poetry

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