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Today is a gift in and of itself...

I am just having the BESTEST birthday!!!

Reasons why today has rocked:

1. It is currently 54 degrees outside.

2. I'm wearing a kicking dress and my hooker boots and I look all cute and dolled up.

3. I got to sleep in after starting the day with God.

4. I got Time Life Sounds of the 80's: 1982-1985 on four cd's from Jules.

5. I had a good lunch.

6. I got a 100 percent on my most recent Faith test.

7. I got two birthday cards on my birthday, one from my grandparents (with a check, I love my grandparents, I'm so broke and could use that money) and one from Karkota.

8. I got to see Jeremy's butt. Well, in cartoon form, at least...

9. I am alive.

10. Melissa left a message wishing me a happy birthday on my phone, I have the bestest best friend in the world!

11. I got a present for my dad in the mail today, so I can send that off to him.

12. It is just such a wonderful day that I can't help but be happy!!! And everyone else should be happy to cause I can't bear for anyone to be sad when I'm having such a wonderful day so if you aren't happy let me know and I will do whatsoever I can in my power to make it all better.

13. I have Weezer's cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and it's cool.

Did I mention that today is just the bestest best day ever!?!?!

P.S. I just checked my messages and I got a happy birthday one from Troy too!!

P.P.S. Katie and Anna did my dishes and Katie has wished me a happy birthday like every time I've seen her too!

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