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A few more poems...

By The One Before
I call her names
I ridicule her hair
because I wished mine looked as good
I point out her faults
because then I feel better about my own
I put her down for her reputation
because she has what I want
what was once mine
and I haven't let go of yet
I hate her not for who she is
but because I want to be her
No, not her--but myself
Only in her position
Maybe I don't
I like myself
Who I am
But if I were in her shoes
what was once mine
would belong to me again
So I ridicule and put down
to cover the hurt, pain, and jealousy within.

A Choice
Two loves, each different, and yet the same
I love both, yet I don't know which to claim
One is from old, the other a newer kind
My heart's want confusing the reason of my mind

One felt so right for so long
Then for awhile it felt so wrong
Now I'm not sure how I feel
I don't know if it was ever real

Now I have a love that's new
And I feel like I should adore you
Together we seem to make more sense
Yet I can't seem to pick a side of the fence

I don't know which is true
My love for him or my love for you
Which pair of us was meant to be?
Which of you was meant for me?

tears sting in my eyes, unshed
Why let them fall?
Who would catch them as they descend?
Or better even, wipe them away
before they fall and leave their sad trail

words caught in my throat, unspoken
Why talk and voice my fears?
Who would listen as my heart
pours my sorrow out?
Or better even, understand my pain
and how and why it comes to be

sadness echoes in my soul
a need for help burns through my grief
a shoulder to catch my tears
a hand to wipe them away
an ear to hear my fears
a heart to understand their cause
and arms to hold me as I cry
and free the pain from inside

~Lisa Woodford
Tags: love, poetry

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