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My tummy still hurts a bit...

"Be still! sad heart, and cease repining
Behind the clouds is the sun still shining!"
~Longfellow, The Rainy Day

I'm so much better. Maybe I just needed a shower, wash off all the crap of the weekend. Who knows.

Me to Anna a few days ago: "Well, just don't go to bed angry. I'd tell you not to let the sun go down on your anger, but then you couldn't be angry after 4:30 and that's just not right."

Waiting for the night to fall...
What the heck, it already has!

Sorry, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment, so I'm happy, and that makes me random. I was out getting props with Jordan today, and he said, "People say I'm weird or strange, but I prefer to think of myself as random..." That is totally me. I am so random. Everyone who has ever tried to follow my train of thought as it goes from San Francisco to Los Angeles by way of New Zealand and Ireland knows this. But it all makes sense in my head, and that's the only thing that matters. Right? Okay, I'm out now, I got a rehearsal shortly.

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