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It's time for bed, to bed I said, not type instead but go to bed...

"Everybody's going to sleep. Where is this "sleep", and how the fuck do I get there? It seems like a really popular place. Everyone's always bragging about going there, too. "I'm going to sleep now." Well, La-dee-da, Mr. Fancy-pants.
Maybe some day I'll go there, too, and I won't bring back shit for souvenirs either, you selfish bastard."

as written by this silly lady

posted in quotes

On another note, I now know why TS says, "You're nothing but a lot of talk and a badge!" in Mallrats, and I must say, The Untouchables is a great movie.

And lastly a(nother) poem for Butch,

"To lose thee—sweeter than to gain
All other hearts I knew
Tis true, the drought is destitute
But them, I had the dew!"
~Emily Dickenson

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