Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

This just fit tonight...

some days I must admit
I still don't get this
could be it's time to quit
when days get like this
I slip into the night
then stumble towards the light
wake up and try again

when You called my name
I didn't know how far the calling went
when You called my name
I didn't know what that word really meant
when I recall Your call
I feel
so small

I trip toward my retreat
I fall down at Your feet
get up and try again

Lord, what did you see
when you called out for me?
I start losing heart
and then
it comes again
lifted from despair
by the prayers of someone
lifted form despair
by the prayers of someone

~"When You Called My Name" by the Newsboys

Thank you Lord for my brothers and sisters and for giving us the ability to be with in each other in prayer. I needed that reminder so much today.
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