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I just had to rant cause this really applied to me...and her LJ is friends-only comments

"Why do people post song lyrics in their lj's? This isn't directed at anyone in particular......just in general. My philosophy is most people probably haven't the heard the songs that are posted. I'm always sitting there going, wtf? Gee, I wonder what kind of melody this has? What kind of rhythm? It just annoys me. I usually don't even bother with those entries cuz I know that I don't have any basis for relating to them.

Which also leads me to.......why do people post quotes and poems in their lj's when they are dumber than shit? (The people posting them, not the quotes and poems!) Maybe it's to make themselves appear intelligent? Yes or yes? It's not working. *sweet smile* (And yes, that is directed at someone in particular....but no one on my fl!)" ~from nightkiss's LiveJournal

Apparently this person doesn't understand the concept of poetry. And lyrics are poetry. Yes, they usually have a lot more meaning within the music than outside of it, but if a song's lyrics can't stand alone they aren't that great to begin with. At least in my opinion. And speaking of people being dumb...this person also used 8 total profanities in her entry. My grandfather used to say (according to my father) that people used profanity because they weren't intelligent enough to think of other things to say, i.e. they had a small vocabulary. Wait, I guess I just quoted someone. Oops.

Sorry, someone referenced this in quotes and I just had to have my two cents. I have something else to say, but it can wait til another entry. Later.

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