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Wow has the time flown by...

So Friday I got up, went to my 8 o'clock class, skipped my 10, went to my 12. First significant event: I gave a copy of my song to a guy who said he would play around with it and see if he could come up with some music. So I might actually have a whole song one day. Hopefully something will come of that, although I'm in Australia next semester and he's student teaching then graduating, but hey, you can't say I never tried.

Then I worked from 1-4:30 which consisted of typing up my production book for my scene. Then after work I did the same thing. At 7 the class and the actors met for a stage change run through, because each scene had different furniture and stuff. This took an hour to go through, for 7 scenes. Next significant event: I was basically in charge of organizing that. I guess everyone was tired of listening to Erin and Josh and that's why they let me run with it. Once we got it organized, and we ran through it again, it only took 15 minutes for all of them, and then when we performed the scenes it ended up looking really good. Everyone who was told how long it took said they couldn't believe we had only done it an hour before. So that was cool; I guess Sarah said I need to be in charge of it again tonight, so that's cool.

Then we finally finished that at about 8:05 and I still had not printed my production book materials. Third significant event: Me running like crazy in the computer lab trying to get everthing printed than running back to the room to three hole punch all the journals and organize them into the book.

At 8:30 we presented the scenes. If you couldn't tell this would be the next significant event. We had to have "polished introductions" to our scenes; and I think mine went really well actually. And my scene: WOW!! I love my actors! They did such an awesome job!! And I was told that Lori and Doc, my profs, were cracking up. Woo HOO!!! So hopefully that's 20% of my grade in the bag. Side note along with sig. evnt: Tom, the director of the writing center, made it to the scenes, which really excited me. He's also going to be at the ones on Sunday when I act, and I'm really excited. He's a great prof.

Afterwards Erin and Josh were gonna go celebrate, and Sarah really wanted to go but we had the Illinois Test Of Basic Skills the next morning (we had to get up at 5:30) so she told them she couldn't, but she really wanted to go out. So she looked all, "What should I do?" and I told her that I am a good test taker and I could do it on little sleep, so it didn't matter to me, so we went out to IHOP and didn't get back until 12:30. Another significant event: Rachel Shafer made me feel a little better about kindness in the world. She was telling Joni over dinner about the new roommate she will probably have in the spring. Rachel has had a single room because the girl she was going to room with wasn't able to afford coming back this year. So there's a room change week the week of finals. Gloria, the RD for Gross Hall, gave anyone interested in changing rooms a list of about 20 girl's who don't have roommate's right now. Angie was one person who wanted to change. She ended up calling all 20 and 19 of them said, "No thanks, we don't want roommates, and we don't know you." One actually said, "I don't know you and I don't care to know you." Angie told Rachel that Gloria organized the list by putting the "nicest roommates" at the top; Rachel was number one. And she met with Angie, and they talked a lot and got to know each other, and Rachel thinks they would be okay as roommates so Angie is probably going to move in with her for the next semester. Thank you, God, for lifting my spirits. I know Rachel doesn't want to give up her single room, but that she is kind enough to do that for someone else who wants it; thank you. I feel a little better knowing that there is at least one nice person still at Concordia.

So getting up this morning was hell. Managed to still do so. The test wasn't so bad. Reading comprehension, grammar and spelling and stuff, and math. Plus an essay. Which sucked. I was too tired to think coherently at the beginning, so I took one look at the essay and panicked. "Should companies be allowed to test their employees for drug use? Support your answer with logical reasons, blah blah blah." First of all, of all the questions to ask I am really skewed on my answer for that one. I understand why companies can't hire or keep employees who do drugs (this is the next sig. evnt, if you couldn't tell) but as an employee I am really against being tested, because I don't do drugs. And I don't like it when other people screw up and I get the negative consequences of their mistakes. Yeah, I know it's just peeing in a cup, but that's just how I feel. So after I finished the rest of the test, I went back and took the pro side and outlined an argument. Once I could think, I think I did a good job.

Lastly, once I finally was able to lie down and get some sleep, Bud called. I was so tired, and I ended up being kinda brisque and short. As soon as he hung up the phone I recalled his most recent entry and felt rather mean. Crap. So I'm sorry Bud, I hope I get a chance to talk to you later.

And whew! I got that done. Note the time this is posted (14:50) and let me just say that it is now 18:58 and I am late to helping do the scene change stuff again. Bye!

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