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Would somebody like to do my Diversity final for me? It's take home. You can use the book. I really don't want to. That's all. I want to go back to bed. It's funny, I'm tired at 9 but when it gets to about 12 I'm going to be wide awake. BAH on that! Ah, well. I just needed to type something and take a break. How is everyone doing? I have another question, but I'm too lazy to make a poll so just comment with your answer:

Do you want a silver or gold wedding ring? And do you want a diamond or another stone in it?

Me, I think I would like a diamond in my engagement ring but I think for my wedding ring I would just like a gold band, simple but very symbolic. That's all for now. Later kiddies.

PS Does the thought of me saying, "dude" make anyone laugh? I used it in an AIM conversation the other day with Beef, and he commented on it, though now I can't remember what he said. Anyway, like I said before, I'm bored. So, yeah. Bye now.
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