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Bah on head colds

Last night here with high speed internet. I hope I remember to do everything I am supposed to do tomorrow. Still not done packing. Bah on packing. No matter how organized I try to be I still end up with 5 boxes of misc. stuff. And that always seems to take the longest time. I still have a few things that I never returned to people; not sure how to get those back. I know I'm really gonna miss Katie and Anna, but I'm still excited to be seeing everyone else. I hope you all are excited to see me too! Alright, I think I should probably go to bed now. Goodnight all.

PS I wanted to apologize to a lot of my particular Troy and Beef and Bud and Brett. I have had about zero time to give to any of you this semester, be it online time or phone calls or whatnot. I don't know what happened, but I just overloaded myself with so much stuff. I really hope I get to see all of you a lot over break cause I miss you loads. Thanks for being patient!

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