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I had a nap and now I'm awake and I'm gonna be tired at work tomorrow

Jay Mohr was on Leno the other night doing standup. It was actually pretty funny.
"My wife is actually Chereoke. It's pretty cool, everytime we have sex it rains. Yeah, sorry about last weekend."

And on a completey different note, here's a "hypothetical" situation:
Guy: You've got the most beautiful legs I've ever seen. (This is not said as a pick-up line, but like during an intimate date or something.)
Girl: My legs aren't that great, I don't have great legs, etc.
Guy: I've never known a girl who liked her legs, of course you don't like your legs you're a girl, etc.

What exactly do guys want to hear when they tell us something like that? Seriously, I'm asking all you guys out there. When you tell a girl that she's the most beautiful woman in the world, and you supposedly mean it, what do you want to hear back? "Yeah, I know. You're right. I'm incredible." I mean, seriously. I don't know how to respond to that, if I say I don't agree I get yelled at, so to speak. So let me know.

And like you guys like every aspect of your bodies. "Girls are never happy with how they look or every girl I know thinks she needs to lose weight." Like you guys are so content with the way you look all the time. I know not all of you are. So there.

Sorry, rant over.
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