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I don't understand...

God Is Not A Secret To Be Kept

You don't understand
This is not what you think it is
You don't get it man
You wanna boil it down to showbiz
Your indepth research shows
drop the God, emphasize the beat
I've heard that positive pop you dig
I'd rather be buried in wet concrete

Take back your free advice
I don't accept
I will not play those games
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

You don't understand
I'm not talking multiple choice
You don't get it, man
if the cross offends you, find another voice
I am not running for office here
I won't keep it purposefully vague
I've heard New Age Life-force trip
I'd rather be dipped in bubonic plague

Take back your free advice
I don't accept
I will not play those games
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

If we keep silent
If we mass defect
These very rocks will scream
God is not a secret to be kept
God is not a secret to be kept

And would I wash my hands again?
Would I deny my savior when
he hung inside the public square?
Did not my silence put him there?

I don't want to sound like I'm trying to pretend this is something that I randomly started thinking about, so I'll just frankly say that this entry is basically coming from an entry that paintitblack22 wrote a few days ago. It really bugged me, and I just need to talk about it and I really don't have another place to do it but in here, so if you think you know her and you think you might get defensive or offended by whatever I say, then you might not want to read on.

I really don't get what she wrote. I don't understand it when Christians think that Christians shouldn't tell people about their faith. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what she said, that's totally possible, but aren't we called to tell people about Christ? I don't know. I know she was mostly complaining about people who say they are Christians as if they're holding a get out of hell free card. Like as long as they are Christian it doesn't matter how they act or whatnot. But one thing she said a few times was that you faith should be personal, between you and God. And I don't know, that just didn't make sense to me. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy or maybe it's just the weird sleep schedule I've been on lately, but for some reason that just kinda bothered me. I mean, look, it's like two or three days later and I'm still thinking about it. Okay, anyway, I'm going to go to bed...soon. Thanks for letting me go on and on.

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