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This is something...

I really love Christian music. There is a time and a place for secular stuff, and I like it too, but there are times when I just need to hear words of hope and goodness. Last night I was down, and the last thing I needed was something like "Everybody Hurts" or something else depressing. So I put on my Bleach cd. (I was actually a little disappointed with my devos because usually when I'm down or something is bothering me I do a devo and miraculously the devo totally has to do with however I have been feeling, but this time it didn't. So...) The first song is called "Heartbeat" and it was the thing that fit perfectly where the devo didn't:

It's been a long time since
Since I've spent some time with You
I'm seein' lonely moments
Seein' lonely truths
A distant tone has come to me
And now I find I'm missin'
That old familiar tune
A song Your heart has played me
A rhythm I once knew

So lay me down at Your feet
And sing the words that You know I need

'Cause I'm here
I want to hear Your heartbeat
Please put Your love around me
And just let me know
That You're here
Now I'm an arm's reach from You
From the Lover of my soul
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