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I really got a kick out of this...

all these are from The Death Gate Cycle vol 2: Elven Star by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

"I'm afraid I don't know your name, sir..."
"You don't? Drat. I was rather hoping you would. Ah, well. Let's see." The old man muttered to himself. "Fiz-No, I can't use that. Furball. Doesn't seem quite dignified enough. I have it!" he shouted, smiting Paithan on the arm. "Zifnab!" ~pg 69

" 'Don't meddle in the affairs of wizards,' " he said in lofty tones, " 'for they are subtle and quick to anger.' A fellow wizard said that. Good at his job, knew a lot about jewelry. Not bad at fireworks, either. Wasn't the snappy dresser Merlin was, though. Let's see, what his name? Raist-no, that was the irritating young chap, kept hacking and spitting up blood all the time. Disgusting. The other's name was Gand-something or other..." ~pg 114

Zifnab glanced nervously about the room. Leaning over to Lenthan, the wizard whispered loudly, "You wouldn't happen to have a pipe and a bit of tobacco about, would-"
"I heard that!" rumbled the dragon.
The old man cringed. "Gandalf enjoyed a good pipe!"
"Why do you think he was called Gandalf the Grey? It wasn't for the color of his robes," the dragon added ominously. ~pg 181

"My dragon? Save anybody?" Zifnab shook his head sadly. "You must have him confused with someone else-Smaug perhaps? No? Ah, I've got it! That lizard who gave Saint George such a nasty time of it! What was his name, now there was a dragon!"
"Are you implying that I'm not?...Smaug! That vain-glorious fop! And as for that sniveling worm who took on St. George...And to think I ened up with a worthless old faker like you!" the dragon was shouting. "I could have gone someplace where I would have been appreciated! Pern, for example!" ~pg 284-285

"Ignition! Blast off!" said the old man, settling himself on the deck, his battered hat sliding down over one ear. "The vessel needs a new name! Something more appropriate to a starship. Apollo? Gemini? Enterprise. Already taken. Millennium Falcon. Trademarked. All rights reserved..." ~pg 286

"And so I said to George, 'George,' I said, 'the third movie was a bummer. Cute little furry things. Those of us with any sense had a wild desire to have them all stuffed-' " ~pg 328

"Complain, complain. That's all you've done," snapped Zifnab. "You haven't said a word about my performance. 'Fly, you fools!' I thought I played that rather well."
"Gandalf said it better."
"Gandalf!" Aifnab cried in high didgeon. "What do you mean, he said it 'better'?"
"He gave the phrase more depth of meaning, more emotive power."
"Well of course he had more emotive power! He had a Balrog hanging onto his skivvies! I'd emote, too!" ~pg 354

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