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The first day of classes are over...

My theater class is going to be intense. And all the people in it know each other. I stood out right away. But they were all very nice too. And crazy. "Typical" theater people. I loved it. I actually felt shy and normal compared to a lot of them. I think if I had my black hair I would have fit in better. But for the most part it was cool.

My sociology prof (academic, as they are called here) is out there. He's the most cynical person I have ever met. He also probably used about 25 or 30 curse words in his lecture. He also doesn't understand Christianity, but that's fine.

It's Monday night here and people are partying. Hmmmmm...but I'm not, so don't worry. Me, I'm about to fall into bed. After I read over the forty page syllabus that I got for my soc. class. Blah. Why must I study while I'm here?

Oh, speaking of stuff to do while I'm here, I think I'm only going to do one big trip. I decided that I would rather experience living in Australia, including going out occassionally and buying things here and there instead of saving every penny (while, they don't have pennies here, they got rid of them a few years ago) and depriving myself of little "luxeries" so I can go visit New Zealand or something. Sarah is much more into depriving herself of the little things so that she can travel more, but to each her own. I already bought a shirt--and get this, I bought one shirt, right, cause this hoochie store at the mall was having a sale, and I found a skirt that I liked, but I didn't have a top to match and I didn't have time to look for one, so I ended up not getting it. Sarah got herself a dress and a shirt. And when I mention going back up to see if I could find a shirt to match the skirt, she goes into her "No spending money, we're traveling! Travel, travel, travel!" shpeel. Yeah, after three days of that I finally told her that I didn't want to travel, I wanted to buy a candy bar. Maybe I sound really stupid, maybe I'm being selfish or something, but I think part of the reason we're studying here as opposed to just taking a vacation here is to live in Australia, not just to tour the continent (and the islands to the south of it). And when it comes down to it, I would rather be able to go out dancing (which I did the other night...and I had a BLAST!!! It was so was a techno club, called Bourbon Street, and it was soooooo kickin) every now and then than go visit New Zealand. (I keep saying NZ because there are two places that I think Sarah really wants to go see extensively, NZ and the outback, and I only really want to take a big trip to the outback, and maybe just a weekend thing to Auckland.)

This entry is a lot longer than I had planned on it being. I think I'm going to get going now. I don't want to use up too much of my allotted MB, but I really want to send some pictures out, so I might pic a few select ones and email them out, and I might make one into a new "down under" icon, maybe the one of me petting the joey, or holding the diamond python. Didn't I mention that? (Insert Innocent Smilie here) Tee hee...I went to the Norwa Animal Park on Saturday and I got to hold a wombat, a joey, and a diamond python. The joey was the cutest, the python was the coolest. It'll be so funny, when I get back from Australia I'll start sending out heaps of pictures, and everyone will be like "but I thought she did that 4 months ago?" Anyway, I'm tired and I'm rambling so I'm going to stop now. Goodnight.

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