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Well, reading over my syllabus and things for my soc. class I feel pretty much overwhelmed between that and my theater class. Luckily my physics class today made me feel a lot better. It was basically review. And thank God for calculus. He had an example on the board, basically it was how to find the equation for velocity from the equation for position. Well, the algebraic method he used took up half a sheet of paper and was confusing as heck. As he said like three times during the lecture, though, "those of you familiar with calculus have already found the equation in your head." I really think this class won't be too bad, I think it won't require as much out of class work as they suggest. And thankfully there are no essays and reports. My first stats lecture is tomorrow but I don't think that will be too bad. Just so long as it actually counts for my math credit. I hope so. If not I'm going to be...put out.

Anyway, I found a piece of paper that I made some notes on from my first week that I wanted to mention, but most of them are obsolete. But a few things I want to say anyway:

  • Julie, I can see Orion every night. I think of you.
  • Katinana, I soooo miss having someone with whom's hair I can play. I'm sure you miss your head massages just as much.
  • Troy and Brett and Beef, I miss having guy friends that I'm comfortable enough around to just laze or lie next to while watching movies or stuff. I miss that a lot.
  • Homework sucks. I miss being online 24-7. And I miss free online.
  • The accents just about make up for all the above stuff. Honestly.
  • The French are not, how you say, assholes. There are three French here, Ludo, Valerie, and Alexandra. Val and Alex are totally sophisticated well-dressed stylish typical French women. But Ludo is the funniest, nicest, funniest guy! He's totally cool. He kills me, he really does. I'm kinda rambling at the moment. This was kind of an add-on, Ludo just came in and made me think of that.
  • There are only a few people that I really have good ideas for souveniers for, so if you want something specific you better let me know. Before all my money runs out, preferably.
  • I have class at 830 (all the classes here start on the half hour, it's really weird) so I'm heading to bed. Night all!</ul>
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