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My Lord, You never cease to amaze me...

I got caught in a downpour on the way back from the uni today. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.

So I got this email today that really screwed me up. It was only a few lines but it just got to me. It hit my heart, which felt like it became all bunched in upon itself. My stomach did the same thing. About ten or fifteen hundred old doubts welled up to the surface and a bunch of feelings I had banished came back. The stupidest part is I'm sure the line wasn't meant to be anything more than just an offhand remark. But, for whatever reason, I was just really flipping out over it. So I felt that way for most of the walk to my lecture. I got to the uni early, though, so I sat and tried to think of how to put these feelings into a poem or something just so I could get it out. I didn't really want to tell anyone cause it was really stupid, but I needed to somehow get it out or I felt like I would simply implode. So I take out my notebook, and I turn to the last page, where I see some lyrics I jotted down a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure them out for a LJ post, of all things.
They all fall
Like a million raindrops
Falling from a blue sky
Kissing your cares good-bye

Well, that helped, and I started to feel a little better, but I was still feeling pretty down and out. So I sat through my lecture, which was still more review, for the most part. Lecture ends and I start to walk back home, and it's raining a little out. No big deal. A very nice guy offers to share his umbrella with me, so we have some small-talk while we walk toward the train station (he was catching a train; I pass it on my way back to college). I really didn't think about the email until right after I left him at the station. I was walking the stairs to the platform to cross over the tracks, and it suddenly hit me that all around me were a million raindrops falling from a blue sky. And I couldn't help it--I got a huge grin on my face. I laughed out loud. I let my burden fall with the rain that was drenching me. A very cleansing, beautiful rain. It was like, God was saying, "Boy is she thick...well if I can't get through to her with a few lyrics, I'll just have to hit her with a bucket of water." I can't even begin to tell you how light I feel right now. I was wearing flip-flops, and had I not been I probably would have skipped the whole way back. All I know is my God is amazing, and I hope he never ceases to be so.

Select lyrics from two Newsboys songs:

Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)
They all fall
Like a million raindrops
Falling from a blue sky
Kissing your cares goodbye
They all fall
Like a million pieces
A tickertape parade high
And now you're free to fly

...This weight ain't yours to bear

Why you holdin' grudges in old jars?
Why you wanna show off all your scars?
What's it gonna take to lay a few burdens down?
It's a beautiful sound

When they all fall
Like a million raindrops...

Let It Rain
Let it rain
Lord we're waiting for Your rain to fall
Let it rain
bringing back the wonder of it all
And I can see Your face again
when You let it rain

...Water, like a promise
Heaven opens, but I'm not there yet...

A new dawn is breaking...
...I'm so ready, Lord, to see Your face
Water, like a promise
and in this final hour, I think my final prayer shall be
would You let it rain?
Let Your Spirit fall afresh on me

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