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I'm going through this series like a bag of skittles

"Old age has few luxuries. Indulging oneself in eccentricities is one of them." ~Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, The Death Gate Cycle, vol 3: Fire Sea

"At the world's beginning, during what were known falsely as the Dark Ages, people believed in magical laws and in spiritual laws, balanced by physical laws. But as time passed, a new religion swept the land. It was known as "science." Propagating physical laws, science ridiculed the spiritual and the magical laws, claiming that they were "illusions."
The human race, because of their short-lived span of time, became particularly enamored of this new religion, which held out the false promise of immortality. They referred to this period of time as the Renaissance...Eventually humans forgot these other races [elves and dwarves], ceased to believe in magic. The Wave lost its shape, became erratic, one end bulged with strength and power, the other end was flat and weak.
But the Wave would ever correct itself and it did, at horrific cost. At the end of the twentieth century, the humans unleashed a terrible war upon themselves. Their weapons were marvels of scientific design and technology and brought death and destruction to untold millions. In that day, science destroyed itself." ~The Death Gate Cycle, vol 3: Fire Sea

And my favorite...
" 'And we were afraid, too.' Orla's fingers tightened over his arm in her earnestness. 'The darkness of the Patryns was very real and this vague light that some of us had experienced was nothing but the tiny flicker of a candle flame, likely to be blown out with a breath. How can we put our faith in this? In something we don't understand?'
'What is faith?' Alfred asked gently, not talking to her but to himself. 'Believing in something you do not understand. And how can we poor mortals understand that vast and terrible and wonderful mind?' " ~The Death Gate Cycle, vol 4: Serpent Mage

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