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Too da loo

Five weeks. That's how long my sunnies lasted before I lost them. I think that's a record for me.

Since I've been here I also lost the cross necklace that my great grandmother gave me. I'm really not happy about that one.

My posters arrived today. My room is livable again. Sigh.

No more two o'clock nights for me. I sleepy.

And lastly,
YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!! Yes, you had physics once already. In high school. Three years ago. And lest we forget, you sat in front of Melissa and next to Sarah H and Butch. What did you do in physics class? Did you listen? I think not. You talked to your friends, called Butch gay, ate candy, and ignored Gieshen. Does this mean that you don't have to pay attention in and/or go to your lectures in college physics class? NO!!! N-O, NO!!! Now, please remember this before you fail. Okay? Thank you.

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