Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Make the bad man STOP!!!!!!!!

I hate everyone right now. Well not everyone. I hate men, and women who never get cramps, and women who get tiny cramps, and women who are too old to get cramps. I would give anything to be one of those groups at the moment. About the only people I don't hate are those who have had an illegal abortion and had their insides scraped around with a dull knife, cause they are about the only people who know how I feel at the moment. Unless there is a form of torture or poison that melts your uterus cause that also might be comprable to how I feel right now. Dammit, I took two painkillers and they haven't fuckin kicked in yet. I want to pass out so bad. I hate this I want to scream but that wouldn't help so much. I keep digging my keys into my hands and that helps a little bit but as soon as I stop the other pain comes right back into sharp focus. I consider taking a third pill. I hate this sooooo much.
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