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La la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaa

Top Ten Reasons I Like Chris

1. He makes me laugh like Karkota, by saying the most randomly bizzarely crazy things.
2. He speaks Australian...sigh...
3. He quotes wicked cool movies: "You have killer legs. I'd like to photograph them."
4. He stays up til five with me helping me go over my presentation and puts up with my whining that I can't do it even when he has to be at the uni at eight thirty the next day.
5. He can quote Hackers like Beef and I can do Chasing Amy.
6. He has great taste in music (techno!)
7. He's crazy.
8. He has a piece of steel shot through his tongue (and he loves Denis Leary too).
9. He says the sweetest things right after saying something crazy.
10. He has some of the best qualities of my four best guy friends combined into one.
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