Pink-Haired Girl (details15) wrote,
Pink-Haired Girl

Kinda long, but I couldn't remember which were good and which I should cut so you get them all...

Certain Destinations are inevitable

Life ends, and that's what gives it value

No matter how negative a statement you make about humanity, you didn't say it, Milton did.

The liquid stuff in your eyes is "Vitreous Humor"

The sunsets are still bloody good, you gotta give him that

When in doubt, follow your fish

All mazes meet in the center

Death likes happy endings

Being nice is as easy as being creepy, and a lot more fun

Never thank a god (or stuck up personification)

Vacations to Hell are never cheap

Dreams have power, even and especially in Hell

You get the same length of life anybody, you get a lifetime

Never trust a fortune cookie

When in dreams, sometimes you remember, but when you wake, you always forget

Nightmares are NOT made to be trusted

Even gods fade away and die

Value the quiet islets, skerries in a dream

Not liking someone is no reason to turn down a perfectly peachy keen half a hot dog

Eat your banana with care, and dispose of the peel correctly

We all get to die eventually, even the damned

The line between dream and reality wears thin as we cross

Don't meddle in the affairs of Endless, for they are NOT subtle, yet quick to anger

There is a quality of perception beyond sight, beyond blindness. Do not go there

Life is fun for a while, but then there is the wake

You can't kill an idea!...

...just a point of view

People will be more thankful for a mystery than an answer

Beware of pale men with sharp teeth and sunglasses

Half a face is better than none

Lord Morningstar can do what he likes!

The price of getting what you want is not longer wanting it anymore

Tis a cruel thing to enslave one's fellow man

Be sure that what you do is right, for it shall plague you in future guilt

All things have beginnings, here is as good a place as any for that...

...and for all beginnings, there is an end

When you fall in a dream, sometimes you die, sometimes you wake up, and sometimes you learn to fly

There are somethings even Endless do not question

Endless are NOT to love mortals

Gods are bloody useless as pavement artists

Sometimes we stick around just to see how it all turns out

NOW is when you find out what happens next

This is the Garden of Forking Paths, and you have always been here

Death is everywhere, and a part of her is in everyone

You cannot truly change "what is" until you accept "what is"

Mess spelled backwards is ssem

When you're on your knees and closer to the ground, things seem nearer somehow

I know "Y Kant Tori Read"

L'espirit D'escalier: the "spirit of the stairway" is those witty retorts you think of to say after the time is lost

Love and desire are not the same thing. Yes they are! No! Yes!

Things seem better after a good breakfest

Food is a much funner way of getting energy than a powerpack or photosynthesis

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it

The future can be learned for a price, but the story of the past is free

Pestilence does not have a WHITE horse darnit! (for you know who)

Terminus walks above all the other gods

If you are the Emperor of the United States, what more could you want?

We can and DO know everything that is written in Destiny's book...

...but not knowing everything is all that makes it okay sometimes

When you look up at the "eternal" stars, you feel insignificant even if you are everywhere and the most powerful being in the universe

You may not be hurt and that's one way of looking at it, but your body IS under there

When your sacrifices are dwindling, find another occupation

Mothers tell their children, you can't get lost in a dream and that you always wake up...

...but you can and sometimes you don't ever leave the waking

When Delirium drives, I am sure you will find it an experience of great interest and variety

Dream does not come to talk of old times past, but only "sensible"things

Surrender to Destiny, wherever he may lead you

Condemning someone to Hell for 10,000 years just because they dumped you, is well, a really shitty thing to do!

Death always has the softest kiss

Shakespeare got it SOOOOOO right

"Change" is the word for knowing time is happening

The one at the end, I think I fell in love with her, a little bit

Yield to Desire, you may catch her attention only once

Despair is who you meet for setting an impossible aim.

Know the difference between loving and being loved

Despair says little and is very patient.

Cats are just weird

Death always keeps her word

No one goes searching for Destruction and returns unscathed

Delirium has been hurt enough as it is

Rules and responsibilities, these are the things that bind us

Sometimes a really great friend may be a where instead of a who

Don't drink the sludge at the bottom of your coffee cup. Don't drink the cup either. Just the coffee

All living things dream

It's a small world, after all

If you want to know how not to drown, it's very simple: Just don't drown

Endings are mixed blessings

When bargaining with the Goddess for a two thousand year life extension, remember: every little bit helps

There is no such thing as a one-sided coin, and there are two sides to every sky

Shakespeare is just really cool to hear any reference to when you understand what's going on

For the truly poetic or intelligent, it is easiest to get cynical or bored with those so cynical and bored with life to the point of cliche

You never forget who you really are... no matter how many nights you stay awake trying to

Love and Desire may be the same thing, but there IS a difference

A good raven is hard to find

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