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bad day (and it's only one)

I really don't like physics. I'm currently getting a 46.9%, not counting labs which aren't a whole lot better, but which might bring that up to about 50% (that is until I get my test back which will probably bring that down again). To give you an idea of their grade scale, though, 50% is considered the lowest mark you can get for a Pass, which I think transfers to a C at home. So it's better than it sounds but it's still not good. And if I don't get a C it's the same as an F, there is no middle ground.

Brett, Beef, Karkota, Chris, Troy--if it's not too much trouble could I ask you to cheer me up? You guys are so good at it normally, and I could really use it right now. Either with a comment here or an email or a phone call would be spectacular, only one person has called me since I've been here. 011-61-2-422703-61. Phone cards make it not too expensive, and this request is not limited to those five people listed above. *cough*HINT HINT HINT!*cough*.

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