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Shopping + Lisa = No good can come of this

That's it. I should not be allowed to go shopping on my own. Even when I have a specific agenda, I get very sidetracked, especially by clothes, and then I make impulse buys. Luckily, in that area, I was pretty good today. No impulse clothes. I got down to the mall and went almost straight to the card store to pick up some birthday cards, whatnot, that I needed. Then I passed a smoothie store, and picked up a large strawberry fruit smoothie(first impulse purchase)--that was out of this world good! Almost as good as the strawberry cloud ;)

Then I window shopped some more, checked out some prices, thought about surprising someone with something but remembered that I am not spending money so I didn't, and then I was just leaving when I passed this little booth with jewelry in it. I was just looking when I found my second impulse purchase--a pinkie ring with Woody Woodpecker on it! So I set down my bag with the cards it in and I set down my drink and I picked up the ring. Then I payed for it, picked up my drink, and left. This is the second reason why I should never be allowed to shop alone--I leave packages (and keys, right Chris?) places. So I'm two blocks away and I'm feeling like I should have more things in my hands when I realize that I should have more things in my hands. Then I ran back to the store and the bag was of course still sitting there. Yea-lucky-me!

And lastly, Brett/Beef/Troy, on the way back, as I was crossing the street I passed someone who was wearing your cologne. I practically stopped dead in the middle of traffic. Yeah, that's definitely my favorite guy smell of like all time. (Aside from that one other cologne of course).

And that was my afternoon.

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