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I couldn't wait to send these to you...

to lose you as a
was painful.

to lose you as a
is equally painful.

but lost you are.

the walls are sooo high,
and that finely honed saber
I had when I began storming
your citadel isn't even
sharp enough to
slash my own wrists.

It's not that I don't care.

It's just that I can't
let myself
care any more.

my conscience is clear.
which is more than I can
say for my consciousness.

I tried.

i tried honestly.
i tried intently.
i tried, i tried.
i cried, i died.

It didn't work because
some part of you
didn't want it to work.

you need love, but not mine.

you need to love, but not me.

And I know that it is truly over
because I find more relief in
these "goodbye" lines than pain.

fair well

~Peter McWilliams, I Love Therefore I am

the promises
of your

~Peter McWilliams, I Love Therefore I am

I ceremoniously disposed
of all the objects connected
with you. I thought they were
It did not help.

I'm the one that's contaminated.

~Peter McWilliams, experience of

this is a

a simpler
would be a

I tried that,
but found it
lacking in

~Peter McWilliams, experience of
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