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Some trivia

  • Randall and the Happy Scrappy Hero Pup lady are not actually in the room at the same time. Jeff Anderson (I) refused to read the list of porno movies in front of her, and particularly in front of the child (although the reaction shots of the Happy Scrappy Hero Pup lady were obtained by reading the list to her).
  • Silent Bob doesn't inhale when he puffs on his cigarette, because Kevin Smith was an adamant non-smoker. After filming this movie, he became a two-pack-a-day smoker.
  • Clerks is loosely based on "The Divine Comedy" by Dante hence the name. Also, there are nine breaks in the movie to represent the nine rings of hell.
  • The VHS cassette of Clerks is the most stolen video tape in video stores across the USA.
  • The studio almost replaced Jason Mewes with Seth Green to play Jay. Kevin Smith insisted that Jason Mewes should play Jay, but the studio made Smith take auditions for the role. Breckin Meyer also auditioned for the role of Jay. In the end, all parties agreed that Jason Mewes was right for the part.
  • Eden Prairie Center, where the film was shot, worked out perfectly for the shooting. The there were a lot of vacant store fronts, so the producers could set up "fake stores" for the film.
  • While shopping, Rene Mosier ('Doherty, Shannon' ) is seen wearing at least three different outfits. Doherty had a clause in her contract that she could keep everything her character wore and came up with the plan that her character should wear everything she bought on her shopping trip.First of all, that is sooo something I would do if I could, and second, her last name is Mosier, cool.
  • Brodie's shirt is the merged faces of three actors that tried out for the part of Brodie and didn't get it.
  • Joey Lauren Adams wrote the song she sings. It was originally a country song but Kevin Smith requested they pump it up a bit.
  • When Smith pitched the idea to Miramax films, he also said that he had written the parts with his friends, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, and Joey Lauren Adams, in mind. Miramax, however, wanted to cast people who already had celebrity status, such as Jon Stewart, David Schwimmer, and Drew Barrymore (these three were actually suggested). The film's original budget of $3,000,000 depended on Miramax's support. Ultimately, Smith suggested that he make the movie with his three original actors on his own, and Miramax could buy it for distribution if they liked it. The brothers Weinstein liked this idea, and gave him $250,000 to make the movie (1/12 of the budget of his previous film, Mallrats (1995))Could you imagine this movie with JON STEWART, DAVID SCHWIMMER, AND DREW BARRYMORE?!?! Thank goodness Kevin went for the lower budget and the better cast. Not that there's anything wrong with Jon, David, and Drew, but I think the movie would have crashed and burned had they tried to play the roles that Kevin wrote for Joey, Ben, and Jason.
  • And lastly, IMDB says that Playing by Heart references Chasing Amy. Anybody wanna tell me if they know how? I'm at a loss; of course I no longer have the movie because I seem to have lost my tape, so I can't check on it, but there are at least three of you on my friends list who do have it.</ul>
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