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Good news for me!

So I was totally sure I could almost count physics as a total loss. Today I decided to actually try to guestimate/calculate my grade (guestimate because I only have the result of the first test, and not the second, but it's fairly accurate in my opinion) and, basing it on the assumption that I do the same on the other two tests as I did on the first one (and I did rather poorly on the first one (a C), and probably the second, but I'm understanding the stuff for the third better and I think I might do well on the last test) then right now I'm getting a 68%, which translates into a B back home. If I do well enough on the last test and not too bad on the middle one, I might actually get an A in this stupid class. I'm excited.

If my run on sentences are too difficult to follow in the above paragraph, then to simplify I'll just say that I'm getting a B in Physics and that makes me happy.
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