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It's been an American day

We had fried chicken tonight at dinner (although they didn't call it that) and it made me feel so American. That, and the fact that I of course ate it with my fingers. Chris eats all chicken with a fork and a knife, even when it's fried or whatever. Me, I'm an American slob. And it felt so nice to be such a slob that I also decided to eat most of my meal with my fingers, including the steamed broccoli and the chunks of watermelon. Then Meg and I started going on about all the foods we were going to eat when we got back that we couldn't eat here or that they didn't have:

Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips
Shoestring fries
Orange juice
Jello pudding
normal cake, like from a box in the grocery store that says Betty Crocker or Pillsbury on it
normal salad dressing, like real Ranch or Catalina or French (the French here is soo different from the stuff at home, here it's like vinegar and oil with no vinegar)
Lucky Charms, Trix, Corn Pops, and Cocoa Puffs
Miracle Whip (although they do sell it here in very very few places)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Chicken Fried Rice (it tastes totally different here)
Hershey's chocolate

And that was nice to think about, although now I'm thinking about the things I will miss from here when I go back:
They have tons of white chocolate (mostly by Nestle, cause they're Australia-based) candy bars here
tea (although I'm bringing some home with me, and I'll probably start drinking it in America as well)
mountains, palm trees, and a bright blue sky
being able to drink (it's just going to be weird to go from being able to, and half the time they don't even ask for my id, which is nice, to not being able to for like 5 months)
And did I mention my wonderful sweet loving adoring boyfriend?

Anyway, I better start my annotated bibliography now, cause if Chris comes back and finds out I did nothing for like 4 hours he's going to let me have it.
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