February 8th, 2002

s60 harriet half smile

Memories, memories, memories...

LilAngelBrat1613: guess what I just read
moredetails15: hmm?
LilAngelBrat1613: Everytime I wash my cow he throws water on us!!!
moredetails15: LOL
LilAngelBrat1613: Why is yellow your fav color?
moredetails15: cause it doens't stick to y our fingers as much!!!!!!!!!
LilAngelBrat1613: I think she is wrong, I think its blu that doesn't stick to your fingers as much!!!!
moredetails15: yellow!!!!!
LilAngelBrat1613: no, no, I'm pretty sure its blu
moredetails15: i don't like lellow
LilAngelBrat1613: :-) its not as bad as pink
moredetails15: shhh you
LilAngelBrat1613: "Why do you giveth away this bride?
Because he asketh me for her. And I noddeth my head. And he taketh her.
moredetails15: lol
LilAngelBrat1613: two dozen sheep?
LilAngelBrat1613: yes, there were fourteen of them
moredetails15: yes, there were fourteen of them
LilAngelBrat1613: well if u see them would u give them a message
moredetails15: for the sheep?
LilAngelBrat1613: tell them the shepherd is looking for them and they should tell u where they r and I'll come and get them thank u
moredetails15: why are the drapes on fire?
LilAngelBrat1613: I had to light something I couldn't fine my candle
moredetails15: i was reading by the light of the drapes
LilAngelBrat1613: Or is it a knock?
LilAngelBrat1613: we have a knock
LilAngelBrat1613: ?
moredetails15: we have a door
LilAngelBrat1613: yes yes, open the knock
LilAngelBrat1613: the other way the other way
moredetails15: I've seen that name somewhere before!!!
LilAngelBrat1613: on the front door...somewhere in this neighborhood
moredetails15: god that was a great play
moredetails15: it's on your front door. Your name is Zubritsky
LilAngelBrat1613: yes it sure was, I almost forget about it...but I was telling Scot about upsidedown cows
moredetails15: lol
moredetails15: and milking him
LilAngelBrat1613: u know, cuz that is a common topic of conversation
LilAngelBrat1613: u know what?
moredetails15: ?
LilAngelBrat1613: remember how we had to make the house points?
LilAngelBrat1613: out of triangles?
LilAngelBrat1613: I know how to do that now
moredetails15: lol
moredetails15: cool
LilAngelBrat1613: yeah...we did it all wrong
LilAngelBrat1613: ALL wrong
moredetails15: lol
moredetails15: it worked, didn't it
LilAngelBrat1613: it just looked a lil funky...but then the play was a lil funky so its ok
moredetails15: yeah
moredetails15: it worked w/ the concept
LilAngelBrat1613: yeah, kinda, I supose
LilAngelBrat1613: well, I jus wanted to tell u that, cuz I knew u would get a kick out of it
moredetails15: yes it made both me and Julie smile cause she did it in her high school, as well