February 17th, 2002

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I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by
peacefulchaos !

Name: Lisa Marie Woodford
Nicknames: Lis, Details, Sunny Skies, Hey You
Location: River Forest, IL
Birthdate: 7 Nov 82
Birthplace: Southfield, MI
School: CURF
Height: 5'7" or so
Weight: 130-145 depending
Eye Color: bluish-greenish-gray
Hair Color: blond

What's Your Favorite...
Person: Sarah from Napa, Jules, Troy, Brett, Melissa (not necessarily in that order)
Place: my bed
State: I don't favor one over the other right now
Hobby: hanging out with my friends or being on the computer
Song(s): right now, "Feels So Right" by Eagle Eye Cherry is right on top
Band(s): Lifehouse, dc Talk, Newsboys, Billy Joel (wait, is he a band?), Lost and Found, lots more...
Color: pink
TV Show: I only watch "Friends" "ER" and "Law and Order" anymore
Local Band: don't know any
Thing to do: Laugh

What's Your Most Memorable...
Event: "My" prom
Show You Went To: dc Talk Supernatural tour
Date You Went On: nothing stands out that much
Record You Bought: what's a record?
Thing You Witnessed: 50 children blessing me and the other members of Fish

Have You Ever...
Kissed a fish: well...yes, actually
Hugged a snake: some might have called him that
Danced naked: Yes, I think so
Masturbated standing up: ick
Put your shoes on the wrong feet and not been able to tell: ouch, no
Eaten cat/dog food: "I'm trying to kick my dog biscuit problem"
Pee'd your bed: when I was little
Swam in the Pacific Ocean: not yet :(
Gotten Married: nope, but I once pushed my husband off a balcony
Went to a Porno-Shop: Lover's Lane count?
Bought Something There: actually it was all really dumb stuff
Drank Black Cherry Soda: Faygo Rock N Rye
Had a Dream that you were Naked at School: I don't even dream about other people being naked, let alone myself
Gotten in a Fist Fight: cat fights with my sisters that have gotten really brutal but never a fist fight

Who/What Is your Most Hated...
Person: I don't like to hate people it's against my nature
Place: class
Livejournal user: I dislike midnightmadness but I don't hate him
State: Wisconsin :)
Song: anything by Sugar Ray
Term: cunt (that's a good one, we'll leave that)
Animal: ladybeetles
Thing to do: homework (what do you think I am avoiding right now?)
Food: chalk

Name the...
People Who Don't Want you Going out with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: a few months ago that list would have been really long, but now it's not applicable
People Who Hate You: I don't know of any but I'm sure they are out there
People Who Are Your Closest Friends: see my list of favorite people
Person You Love: When I figure that out, I'll let you know
Things that turn you on: a kiss from behind me, on the neck or ear, unbelievably sweet things, little glimpses
Animals you call your own: all the animals I ever called my own have died...Loki, Diamond, Monterray Jack, Gadget...

What song...
Makes you think about falling in love: "Breathing" by Lifehouse, and "Feels so Right" by Eagle Eye Cherry
Makes you want to do spin kicks: hmmm..."Dragula (Matrix Mix)" by Rob Zombie
Makes you want to be creative: I don't really have any creative-inspiring songs...
Makes you want to cry: "Feels so Right" depending on my mood, and "Stardust" by Nat King Cole
Makes you Horny: the one that starts out, "Carrie and I went for a ride in her new four-door BMW coup..."
Makes you Wish for summer: anything by the Beach Boys
Makes you Giggle: "Choirboy" and "Sin Savior" by ApologetiX
Makes you want to dance: "Bedroom Dancing" by Day One
Makes you embarrassed that you ever liked it: "Ice, Ice Baby"

Describe in three words...
You: tired.lonely.bored
Your Mate: funny.cute.notmine
Your Future: coming.too.quickly
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