March 18th, 2002

moulin rouge

Weekend Update

I've decided that I'm going to marry Ewan.


Let's do the list:

1-He's hot. Who can deny that? He's got a smile to die for. And he does that thing where he bends his head forward while rubbing his neck (a la George Clooney in One Fine Day) that just makes me drop to my knees...ahhhh...sigh...

2-He's Scottish. When he's not acting he talks with a Scottish accent. Makes me melt. He needs to start using it in his movies. I can't wait til he gets to the point of Sean Connery, where it's a necessity and not something that gets covered up.

3-His voice. Oh, the beautiful voice that will serenade me all the time. I would give anything to marry a guy who can sing. Specially since I can't carry a tune in a dumptruck of superglue. Sigh...

Time for a cold shower. Or maybe I'll just go to bed and dream of him.
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You say it's your birthday
Happy birthday to ya!
You say it's your birthday!
Happy birthday to ya!

Happy birthday cervidal!!!
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