March 19th, 2002

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Well, I just had my first cigarette today. And my second. And my third. And they won't be my last. I am sorry to say. No, I did not take up smoking—at least not permanently. My character for the play smokes. Unfortunately. Since I have to smoke, a total of three times, on stage, I figured it might be nice if I didn't hack up a lung on stage when lighting the dumb things. So tonight Jules lent me her lighter, I stole three cigarettes from my director, and "practiced." I have perfected the wonderful art of "smoking but not inhaling" (thank you Mr. Clinton). I pretty much wasted all three perfectly cancerous cigarettes, seeing as I lit them, "smoked" for about a minute, and then ground them out. Ah, well.

And now I have one thing to say to those of you who do smoke as more than just practice for a play: Why on earth do you do that? It's about the most disgusting thing I can think of. I came in from outside and I smelled aweful. Sarah's roommate kicked me out of her room. I brushed my teeth for five minutes and I'm still gagging. My hands still smell like smoke as well. I have to get up nice and early for teacher aiding tomorrow so I can take a shower so I don't wreak of cigarettes while I'm helping special ed students with their homework. And while Julie said her nerves were calmed a bit (she actually finished one of my ciagrettes, bad Julie!), I think it gave me a headache. Anyway, I just wanted to rant, cause now I have a basis for it, since I have actually done it.

One last little note, for those of you who care. Lisa has (almost) failed her first test at college. She scored a 65 on her most recent math test. Please offer your congratulations later. (I'm not really bragging, I'm not proud of this, if it sounds like I am. I would just like to show those annoyances—the ones who say that "I just did horrible on a test!" for me means "I just got a B-!"—that it is possible for me to do poorly. So there.) On a good note, though, the prof drops the lowest score. So I can "redeem" myself through the next test. Yea!
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