March 20th, 2002

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Two more days!

Play practice went really well tonight. Everyone knew their lines about 85% better than last night. Costumes and makeup look good. All we have to do is get through the dress rehearsal tomorrow night and we'll be all set. We go up on Thursday. I'll be on stage, acting, for the first time since Trick or Treat. If I weren't so dead tired I think I would be excited about this. Yeah, I've been onstage for Fish for the past two years, but even in Ohio it isn't the same as being on a stage (particularly one you've built with your own two hands) with a set, and costumes, and make-up, and lights, and everything working together to create a whole other world, for only an hour and a half. I love theater. I hope I get a part next year, or if I go Down Under I can get involved somehow. I can't wait until I direct my senior year. I already know I want to do "Soap Opera" cause it's just so fun. With the crazy characters and accents and just the sheer wackiness of it, I think it would be absolutely great to do. Anyway, I'm gonna stop rambling now. Have a good night everyone, though most of you are, I'm sure, already asleep.

Nikki, whatever is bothering you, I hope you feel better.
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