April 1st, 2002

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Exhausted Sigh

Let me start by saying that I am in a really good mood, before it sounds like I am complaining.

Even with the fact that it took me about as long to get from Detroit to Chicago flying as it would have driving because my flight was delayed for almost 3 hours, and I had to actually take my shoes off at the Detroit metal detectors, I still rather enjoy flying.

I was in a horrible mood when I left DC, due to nothing other than my own decision to be in a crappy mood. And when I got on the plane, I got bombarded by about 5 ideas for poems and one for a short story. I only finished three of the poems, and I'm not very happy with any of them, but I think I'll still put them up here. In the next entry. But I'm in a great mood now, and it is mostly thanks to Troy. He came to see me at the Detroit airport during my stopover, and we had a really great talk. It was cool.

I had a great weekend, and I feel really great right now, and that's the important part.

Hope everyone has a great night. Lots of Love!!!
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