April 7th, 2002


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I just had an absolutely fabulous night. The Spring Formal was the BOMB. My high school senior prom sucked horribly, but this totally made up for it. For most of dinner it was just Melissa, Butch, Becky, John, and me at the table, and that was nice. And the people who joined us halfway through dinner were really sweet, so that didn't spoil it. They played great music for the most part, and even the "ghettoraphiphopcrap" that I hate, I could stand. That's how much I love to dance, I could tolerate even the ickiest of icky music. It was just so cool, and I think Jen Dash put it best: It's cause there are no Westland people here!!. (Note to all my dearest LiveJournal friends and alumni of LHWL--you are not included in that statement, and you should know it. It's the OTHER Westland people who are included.) Anyway, I just wanted to share my wonderful news:
I had one of the best nights
of my life
at a dance
without a date.

I felt beautiful, and I didn't need anyone to tell me so. I just felt like I was. And I have about a million pictures to put on my webpage as soon as I get them developed; I finished off the role from DC and there were cameras at the tables for everyone (very cool touch, Westland should be taking notes!) Anywho, now I am going to get offline, I'm exhausted, so I will talk to you later! Have a great night, I know I did!
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My sister's away message:

I'm not here right now. If you'd like to reach me on my cell phone, buy me a cell phone.
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So someone suggested that I get a guestbook at my webpage, and only one person has signed it, and it wasn't even the person who offered the suggestion. This is interesting. SIGN IT PEOPLE!!! Ooops, sorry about that, I think I'm starting to get a small case of Turrets, however it's spelled. Have a great day!
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"How long does it take for all of that time to disappear?
And my mind is plagued with all of the little things that I would have shared with you, had it still been appropriate. Had we still talked.
Real talk, not this empty chatter, reduced to pleasantries.
Meaningless pleasantries laced with underlying attempts at figuring out how you're really doing. It's reaching out in the dark, really, for I cannot conceive...
No, I want the real talk back.
You know, nobody since has been right.
And I keep realizing that they aren't you.
And I hurt.
I hurt.
But I'm glad to see you happy.
I wish I could just be more real, no more of this fake girl who doesn't know how she feels about everything anymore.

(But it was so much better when we were best friends)"

~from orange_sky's LiveJournal
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To Do...

This summer I want to
  • see Beef
  • see Brewer
  • see Lauren
  • see SGM
  • see Troy (not too worried about that one)
  • see Melissa
  • see Brett
  • see anybody else that I have't seen in forever
  • get a second job
  • do my portfolio so that I can get into the college of education and eventually become a teacher
  • go garage-saling
  • go clubbing with Bud (after last night all I want to do is dance)
  • get a computer?
  • read more
  • get in shape
  • see Timmy
  • see Nikki and meet all the people who make up their own list on my AIM
  • spend a weekend at Sara's
And I only have so much time to do all this in. And I know there is some more stuff I have forgotten. As it is I just added three more thatn I forgot. Anyway, I just really hope this all works out, everything, my life, that is. Now it's time for dinner.
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