April 21st, 2002



I hate LiveJournal.
"File size too big. File cannot exceed 40K."
Kiss my butt.
I just spent 4 hours making my new friends icon, including scanning (thank you Julie!!!!) and formatting and finding a GIF program (that apparently sucks!) and putting them all together. And then changing size and color and quality all to try and make it small enough for LiveJournal to be happy. All to NO AVAIL. Bastards. So now I give up; I can't do it on my own. So Troy is putting them together for me.
And he just finished it. It's small, but that's alright. I hope you all enjoy seeing you. If any of you want the pic for your livejournal (if you don't have it already) let me know.
Have a nice day, maybe I can go watch the sun rise.
I would like to add:
Troy is the bestest best friend and all around greatest guy in the whole wide world.
Thank you.
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New Icons

Matrix, more sandman, a few other misc...the link is on my homepage...go there, I am so dead right now, but I would like you all to be able to enjoy them.
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(no subject)

* i hurt: when someone I know is hurting
* i love: being loved (that answer is good enough for me)
* i cry: not very often anymore
* i fear: life without love
* i hope: all the time
* i feel alone: when I get lost in certain areas of thought
* i listen: not enough
* i taste: the first thing that came to mind when reading that was salty celery, sorry
* i remember: high school, I miss you guys a lot lately for no particular reason
* i forget: everything, including promises, which is why I try not to make them anymore
* i hold: on to the past too much
* i hide: in my room
* i pray: more than I used to but still not enough
* i walk: erect?
* i drive: illegally at the moment
* i read: not as much as I want to
* i burn: candles, and matches, and my sheets, and whatever else I can, I'm such a pyro
* i play: board games, but I don't know many people who like to play with me
* i miss: my LHWL friends lots
* i feel: content right now
* i know: that there is a God above (We can use that answer, too!)
* i dream: in the form of theatrical trailers
* i have: God's love
* i am: unique
* i need: to read my Bible more
* i live: with a purpose
* i crave: love
* i won't: complain about the weather this summer
* i pretend: I'm sane
* i smile: when I think of my friends
* i cant: sleep
* i laugh: at everything
* i lie: more than I want to
* i wish: on stars
* i trust: that I will be happy
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Well, I just finished my last Fish Out Of Water event, like, ever. I'm so sad. I'm really going to miss it. Lori, the director, had the end of the year Fish party at her house today. Most of us were there, only Sean, Jamie, and Larry couldn't make it. It was great, we had a late lunch/early dinner, but seeing as I hadn't eaten all day (since I only woke up at, oh, noon) I pigged out. I had three chicken breats. I was hungry! Anyway, we mainly just talked about school and stuff for awhile, and played with Joey and took turns passing Hannah around. She's so cute! I finally finished off the second role of film from Spring Formal, there's tons of crap at the end, just miscellanious stuff. I'll get them all on disk and force everyone to look at them all later. Well, I guess I can't force you to look at them, but if I could I would ;)
Back to the party, so after we ate we played "Battle of the Sexes" and all I have to say is that the girls' team got sent back to start FOUR TIMES and we still beat the guys. It was a lot of fun. And I felt included, so that was cool. One thing that was decided was that it's impossible to tell a story and have people actually be listening to you when there is a baby in the room; she will soak up all the attention. Ben was cute; he drew Joey as a superhero; now Joey will love him for life. Yeah, Beef, you'd like Joey, he has Spiderman pj's. Okay, I've rambled enough, sorry, I'm just feeling kinda sad now, I'll stop moping out loud and just mope to myself.
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Sappy and Crappy Rhyme

I don't think that's a coincidence, either...

Got this new book. Called Say Anything...and it's full of quotes from 80's movies. Tee hee hee. Let's see what we have here...

Name the character, actor, and movie...
"That's classified information. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."
"I'd rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special."
"It's good to be the king."
"I'm being marked down? I've been kidnapped by KMart!"

That's enough for now. Kudos to you if you get them all. Now I'm going to go clean. Really. Honestly. Truly.
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