April 23rd, 2002

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"What good is intellect if it leaves us immobile and frozen in indecision? At some point, despite all the other options, you have to commit yourself to a path. Being flexible if fine, it's maybe the greatest talent you can have, but in order to define yourself, you need to pursue your passion. There will always be good reasons not to do something, or to do something else, the world is full of women more beautiful than your wife, you can never choose the best car, there's always a cheaper air fare. What's most important is that you choose and get on with your life." ~Chuck Palahniuk

Let's Play Game-Show!

Welcome to Procratination Fun, the game where our contestants try to determine how long our celebrity guest can put off important things like school work! Today we have Lisa Woodford with us, all the way from SNOWY Michigan! Lisa, will you tell us a little about yourself?

"Well, Bob, I'm a theater major who is completely addicted to the internet, and my favorite quote by Mark Twain is 'Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.'"

That's WONderful! Now, before our contestants can begin to guess how long you procratinated THIS time, they need to know a little bit of information about what you procrastinated ON! So, why don't you tell us about it!

"Sure thing Bob. Well, this is a term paper for my Psychology and Methods of Teaching the Exceptional Learner class. Some of the contestants might be familiar with the class; it's the one I skip every day. As of right now, I am under the impression that the paper is due Tuesday at noon, and that no late papers will be accepted. The paper is supposed to be well-documented, and it has a minimum requirement of 10 pages. The topic I chose to procrastinate researching is autism."

What a specTACular report! I think that'll help make the decision for our contestants a little bit easier. Let's hear it for LISA!

Now, it's your turn, contestants. You have to decide how long Lisa waited to begin her paper. Please include days and times in your answer. Specific dates are not necessary; we all know that she didn't do anything more than a week in advance. If you would please submit your answer in the box below, they will be tallied by our judges and the contestant who is CLOSEST (with or without going over) will win the GRAND PRIZE SURPRISE!!! So don't delay, make your calculations now!

What day and time did Lisa start her paper?

Bonus question: Is she finished with it as of the time of this posting?

Well, yes, I would hope so.
No, of course not.

Thank you for playing Procrastination Fun, the contest runs from now until MIDNIGHT tonight. Get your answers in fast!

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"...Tears of joy began to gather in the boys eyes as he took to the path of Uncertainty, because he knew he was following his heart, and his heart had told him to stay true to the dreams of his youth..." Want to read more? Click Here
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I am blessed

My friends are wonderful, and I love them very much.
They rock.
In particular tonight, thank you Brett, Beef, Troy, and especially Glenn.
I love you guys.
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