April 28th, 2002


One of my most favorite books ever...

She remembered her first meeting with Kevin. She had been at the hospice two days before he arrived. She had found him sitting in the study by a roaring fire, wrapped in a red flannel robe and curled up in a chair with a book on his lap...He looked over as she had entered the room, and she never forgot how his eyes just stuck to her face, and how hers had done the same. They must have stared at each other for a good minute before either spoke. In that minute Ilonka both found and lost something precious, a friend more dear than all the gems in all the wide world. "Found" because she had loved him at first sight, and "lost" because he was obviously a patient and was presumably going to die. He had said the first words.
"Do I know you?"
She had smiled. "Yes."

~Christopher Pike, The Midnight Club
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